This is our fabulous DKF family, all images were created by Dom and Katy Fagan's children, future graphic designers in the making!

  • Dominic Fagan

    Dominic Fagan

    Managing Director

    The D in DKF, Dom is the comedian of the team and loves nothing more than holding court with us all and telling us one of his many stories – or retelling his only story for the umpteenth time!

    Dom is an avid Manchester United fan and season ticket holder (as the signed collection of United shirts in the office shows!)

    He is the reigning DKF Mario Kart champion on the office Nintendo games machine.


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  • Katy Fagan

    Katy Fagan


    The K in DKF, Katy is fiercely competitive and driven and is the one who sends out the pestering finance and accounts payable emails.

    Married to the D in DKF, (Dominic) and super proud Mum of two amazing girls.

    When not at DKF towers Katy can be found ‘running miles so that she can drink wine!’ and loves nothing more than beach holidays and walks with the family and our two dogs on cold, crisp winter days.


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  • Alex Ashton

    Alex Ashton

    Operations Manager

    Alex has a great rapport with our operatives both on the phone and on her regular visits to site. She is a bit like their Mum checking they are all ok but also keeping them in check!

    She loves meeting clients, especially client entertaining, but keep her away from any auctions as she loves a little bid!

    She loves a good old selfie and when out socialising she is often found drinking pink gin and dancing on tables.

    She is famous for her nails and all in the office wait to see what she has had done every fortnight.


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  • Karen Poché

    Karen Poché

    Business Manager

    Karen is the latest member of DKF having joined the team in January 2019 and she keeps the team very much in check!

    She loves the buzz at DKF towers and works well under pressure.

    Karen recently married and loves to go on walks in the country with her husband, especially if there is a pub or two planned into the route!

    She is a keen cyclist, well in the summer months anyway, when it is dry, warm and there is no wind around.


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  • Cari-Anne Bradley

    Cari-Anne Bradley

    Account Manager

    Cari loves nothing more than when the job orders come in and gets a real buzz out of filling them for our clients. She loves the range of people that are in our industry and meeting them face to face.

    A Mum of three, when she’s not at DKF towers, she is basically their taxi driver ferrying them to football, gymnastics, dance and all the other activities that they participate in.

    Cari loves, in her words: ‘drinking, dancing, live music and more drinking’.


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  • Chloe Heywood

    Chloe Heywood


    Chloe loves the interaction and banter that goes on in the DKF office.

    Her New Year’s Resolution is to go shopping less but she still intends to go to the cinema regularly… she loves a huge range of films from ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ (a childhood favourite) to ‘My Best Friends Wedding’ and any Marvel and Thriller type movies.

    At the weekends she loves to socialise with friends and has recently started sessions with a PT to help her stay in tip top shape.