Historic Building, Central London

Client: Asbestos Removal Company


A long term, complex asbestos removal project at a historic building in the heart of London has over 20 DKF operatives based permanently at the site. A vast building with a mass of detailing and intricate design, a range of removal methods have been employed throughout.


A Grade II modernist building in the heart of London is being transformed into a luxury hotel as part of a wider restoration programme of the immediate area. The building is being developed as a 137-bedroom five-star hotel with a spa and ballroom for 1,000 guests and will include six high-end shops and five restaurants.

Work at the site began in April 2018 and is expected to run into the new year.

Asbestos has been found throughout the building contained within radiator panels, pipe insulation, boxing, windowsills, floor area as well as intricate and detailed parts of the architecture. 

Due to the multiple areas of asbestos contamination, a range of application and removal processes was needed including wrap and cut, injection (Red Box) and direct wetting.

All licensed removal works have been carried out under fully controlled conditions. 

There are also non notifiable works (half mask) being carried out on the project. All work is being carried out under locally controlled (designated RPE zone) conditions.

The main challenge at the site was the sheer size of project, with intense security measures. Blue CSCS cards were required under the terms of the contract inevitably intensifying the challenge in terms of recruitment as the workforce within the asbestos removal industry isn’t 100% blue CSCS card. Noise levels were also an important consideration.

The heritage aspect of the building including structure design containing steel reinforced walls, key listed features and tree preservation orders presented a range of challenges.

With over 200 tradesmen on site at any one time, a team of over 20 DKF operatives have been based permanently at the site.

Dominic Fagan, Managing Director at DKF Commented: “The DKF approach is extremely flexible and we are able to meet the needs of any project regardless of size, location, removal type and more.”

“This project presented a range of challenges, each of which we were able to meet and manage in line with the clients expectations.”